bruno double
head gaming geek
the girl
party lad 1
party lad 2
party dj

roderick fransham
steve wrigley
erin todd
andy hummel
justin webster
matt lambourn

hayden webster, celia coombes, kyle webster, anna-louise manley
jason canovas, hari canovas

fraser baker, sam skoog, alistair nicholson, jack corkoran, tim macdonald, max collinson-smith, szantel levi-teu

party people
tomaso barsali, pete wellington, bruno du bois, nicola condliffe, sarah condliffe, neil fisher, laura phillips, natalie stappers, robert cleeves, gabe page, mel graham, richard bennett, kelly marie

1st assistant director
additional 1st AD
additional AD
camera assist
2nd camera assist
continuity/data wrangler
clapper/lighting tech
lighting tech
sound recordist
additional sound recordist
additional sound recordist
animal wrangler
stunt driver
body double (graeme)

bruno du bois
sophie cherry
gabe page
glenn miers
justin webster
simon godsiff
chris lakeman
pete wellington
c.j. dobson
david brownjohn
justin doyle
paul wong
joel anscombe-smith
melanie graham
kelly marie
josh hedley
rowan watson

art department
tommaso barsali, louise kassler

loose unit:
nicola condliffe, lizzie condliffe, maureen condliffe, peter condliffe, helen flynn

post production
sound designer
re-recording mixer
foley recordist
picture editor
digital colourist

justin webster
justin webster
buster flaws
justin webster
justin webster

loop group
marilyn ryder, peter edge, tim chaproniere, dave whitehead

grief (graeme's theme)
written by scott mead
arranged by justin webster
performed by scott mead and sebastian morgan-lynch

bruno's theme
written by justin webster
performed by justin webster

written by justin webster
performed by justin webster

ocean blue (bruno mix)
written by andrew driver
performed by the learn
remix by justin webster

grist for the mill
written by rowan watson
performed by rowan watson

special thanks
park road post production, go wellington, tuatara brewing, caffe l'affare, portsmouth ltd, wargames supply, john neill, mike wallis, inge rademeyer, chris todd, chris ward, brent burge, dave whitehead, ray beentjes, paul swadel, spencer levine, luke goodwin, matthew knight, rebecca rowe, jonno woodford-robinson, brook smith, tinga ...and nic for putting up with this nonsense for so long

dedicated to the memory of alki