director's statement:

this story is just something that was rolling around in my head for years and had to be removed. i think it started as a conversation between myself and a friend who himself owned a very cool, popular dog. this particular dog was smarter than most people I know despite having acquired a taste for hard liquor and hash cakes. but let's face it, even the lamest, scrawniest, mange-infested mongrel gets more attention than it's owner.

i had a couple of reasons for making this film: firstly, i was sick of hearing myself talk about the idea and wanted to see it rendered in some form but also, from a professional point of view i wanted to up-skill a little and learn more of the craft outside of sound post-production. i have to recommend it to anyone involved in filmmaking in a professional capacity - i certainly gained some sympathy for the other disciplines and a better understanding of the constraints and limitations faced by each department.

the story itself isn't trying to make any particular point or push any one particular idea. it's really just an examination of this unfortunate pairing of two very different characters, one of which just happens to be non-human. i was trying to personify the dog as much as possible and in doing so to create a simple story about two 'people' who find themselves in a relationship that doesn't work. the challenges for me (apart from figuring out how to make a film in the first place) were to get enough human character into Bruno and enough 'loser' into Graeme without appearing to be punishing him for the fun of it. i've seen films about characters like this that come off as arrogant and i guess it's a fine line. i hope i've ended up on the right side of that line.

justin webster