maggot software has been rebranded and now lives at

for current builds of all apps, please visit that site. these links are left here for reference purposes only.

spanner 2.0 (PT10.3.4 or less)
spanner 2.1 (PT 10.3.5 thru PT 11.x)
minimum requirements: Mac OS10.7, Pro Tools 10.3.5
authorisation is via iLok2
email support to receive a full featured 30 day trial period

minimum requirements: Mac OS10.7
authorisation is via iLok2
reccommended - "access for assistive devices" in Universal Access preferences
email support to receive a full featured 15 day trial period

demo will process only 1 file before quitting and will not save prefs.
minimum requirements: mac OS10.6

demo will not allow saving metadata to multiple files.
mac OS10.3 or greater on G4/G5 processor

demo will not allow renaming multiple files.
mac OS10.5 or greater on Intel processor

mac OS10.7 or greater
requires "access for assistive devices" switched on (system prefs, universal access)
drop in your applications folder and set as a login item.